The Green Patch is committed to offering you an eclectic selection on home décor, furniture & personal products hand-selected from local artists, businesses, crafters & producers.


Beautiful Finds

All products are hand selected, individually purchased & assembled in house to be able to deliver you the best prices possible.  We take the time to search out local companies, local artists and creators to present you with all Cleveland, and its surrounding communities, has to offer.

Style & Quality

While most items are brand new, some items may have minor nicks & scratches.  This gives us the ability to sell top store brands at drastically reduced prices.

We search for companies that will bring you unique, elegant styles and seek out to find ways to be earth friendly as well.  While we can't control what other companies do to make means, we can control what they do with their discontinued useable products.  We do our best to offer products from locally owned companies & products produced in USA.

Local Artisans

In an effort to offer you style and savings, we offer you hand-made items produced by local artists and crafters.  Who knew Cleveland, and all it's surrounding communities, had so much to offer?  We did!  This gives us the opportunity to offer you products with character, as well as helping our local community grow and thrive.  Since each product is hand-crafted, home-grown or hand-picked, we have the ability to offer you something truly unique and special.


Swan Creek Candle Company

The Green Patch is the only local establishment that has the ability to exclusively offer you products from Swan Creek Candle Company.  Their candles are clean burning, lead-free and intensely fragrant.  Made from 100% American soybean wax, they offer over 68 fragrances that are not only enticing to your olfactory and visual senses, but also your sense of value.

  • Easy to use Drizzle Melts with break away cubes.  Just place them in a melter and enjoy!
  • All-Natural wax - which allows each cube to last approximately 20-25 hours, large jars to have 110+ hour burn time & small jars to have 75+ hour burn time.
  • Premium, custom-blended fragrances.
  • Glass Jars are Made in the USA

Swan Creek candles and drizzle melts make the perfect gift or buy to add that finishing touch to your home or office.

Robert Rothschild Farm

Located in Colby's home town of Urbana, Ohio, The Green Patch offers products from Robert Rothschild Farm's gourmet line.  Robert Rothschild Farm has spent over 30 years studying, refining, and perfecting the way they make their fresh, insanely flavorful, truly exceptional products.  Each one is made from scratch and guaranteed to make even the everyday dishes taste like gourmet.  Their products are manufactured on-site right in Ohio, where they maintain the ability to offer the highest quality products by producing in small batches.  In addition, the majority of their products are certified kosher and they offer a large variety of gluten free and organic Non-GMO products.  Their products are perfect for gift baskets and entertaining guests in your home or office with deliciously served foods.

What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?
— Henry David Thoreau

What started out as a hobby for this husband and wife team, Colby & Michelle Hatcher took their knack of finding deals and decided to bring those deals to you by creating & opening The Green Patch.

  • Brand New name brand furniture at unbeatable low prices. 
  • Scratch & Dent high end furniture at low costs.
  • Vintage items that would otherwise get lost in some attic or basement.
  • Hand-crafted home décor, accessories and personal products from local artists.
  • Money saving gifts for that special someone.

Parents to seven children, the Hatchers needed to take every opportunity they could to save money & raise their family in a harsh economic world.  They are dedicated to their family, friends & the community.  But their dedication doesn't stop there.

 The Hatchers believe very much in finding ways to make life beautiful in every way possible.  Each 


person finds beauty in different things, but beauty starts with self and home. Let them help you find ways to surround yourself with beautiful items that will make your home & office unique to you. 

Our world is a beautiful place. We live on a beautiful planet.  The Green Patch is dedicated to keeping it that way, which is why it find ways to stay "green."  Of course, saving money is a perfect way to hold on to part of that green.  At The Green Patch, they also uphold the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.  They offer many vintage pieces that add character to your home, on top of beautifying it.  They recover scratch & dent pieces that many manufacturers and department stores won't offer to their costumers as an alternative. They promote the importance of buying local by supporting local artisans.  A lot of items found in the store are up-cycled, recycled or re-purposed.  Help save the Earth, while saving money, and let The Green Patch be your resource.